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April 2024 Newsletter

Hello Hidden Oasis subscribers! Welcome to our monthly newsletter. As promised in my initial communications, we plan to publish this newsletter just once per month to keep you all in the loop on the goings-on in White Oak Landing.



Good things come to those who wait....

Definitely true for us. Our cove sites are completely finished and ready for campers.

Work on our four additional wooded lots up on the hill continues and we plan to have them ready for guests by the end of May.


Our Stay at White Oak Landing 4/1 to 4/5!

As mentioned in the March newsletter, we spent a few days at our newly completed cove sites at the beginning of April. In just 4 short days, we spotted these guys right from our campsite. If you are a nature lover, this is a place to be for sure.


Lovely Town of Clifton

Great little town with old time charm. Clifton is approximately 8 miles from the community. Great restaurant and weekend entertainment at the Clifton Marina Bar and Grill. Boat rentals also available.


Contact us via email, text or phone to reserve your spot. Hope to see you all soon!



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